Fast Facts on Wood Fencing

Published by Buddy at June 8, 2016

Fencing serves a variety of functions for homeowners. It provides privacy and security, adds aesthetics to the landscaping and comes in a multitude of styles and colors that can suit just about any taste.

Types of Wood Fences

The most common fence in DFW is a traditional 1x4 or 1x6 wood picket in either 6' or 8' height. A recent trend over the past several years is taller fencing that adds added privacy and security to a home. Before installing a new fence be sure to check your local codes as cities and HOA's often have specs and restrictions on height and construction. You also will want to call 811 to check for buried lines before installing.

Types of Pickets

fencing.jpgFences add a fresh visual appeal, a brand new or freshly re-sealed fence is a great addition to the look of your back yard. The overall look is achieved by the types of pickets, and there are hundreds of grades and variations of wood pickets. It is important to note that pickets are not graded to the same specs as lumber where you find select, #1, #2, etc.

Older fences have gothic style pickets that are pointed at the top. Over the past decade, several homeowners are opting for dog ear and flat.

Rustic pickets offer a great value and deliver character and a timeless look. The BOSS is one of the few, if not only companies that offer rustic Western Red Cedar pickets in DFW. We have several grades, sizes, and species of pickets. Call us for the varieties we have in stock or,

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Because fences are exposed to the elements, Western Red Cedar holds up better than pine and spruce. Regardless of wood type, all fences need to be sealed with an outdoor water proof sealer. Keep in mind that sealers can vary in how well they protect so the lowest price sealer may well be the most expensive in the long run. Fences also need to be maintained for better longevity. Power washing and re-sealing are tasks that must be done over the life time of the fence.


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