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Published by Buddy at April 13, 2017

Interior Design Tips and Tricks

Interior design is a key component to make any remodeling project a successful one. The BOSS sits down with Jordin and Jennifer of Interior Styling to learn
Published by Buddy at February 15, 2017

The Details of Tile Installation

Tile installation can be a simple process once you understand the tool, process and planning. In this video we discuss how you can prepare and install your...
Published by Buddy at December 31, 2016

Transform Your Home: Six Benefits of New Carpet

With the holidays over and a new year upon us the time to replace your carpet may have arrived. With the traffic of family, the spills of family and frineds...

Published by Buddy at December 12, 2016

9 Inexpensive and Easy Ways to Update Your Home

Updating the look of your home can be simple and cost efficient. While the allure of a whole home remodel may sound appealing, for less than $500 you can...

Published by Buddy at November 17, 2016

Choosing a Flooring Installer

You have made the decision for new flooring and after learning about the best way to choose your new floor you are now ready to install. However, take note...

Published by Buddy at November 10, 2016

The Details of Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring has come a long way from the old linoleum found in grandma's house. LVP or luxury vinyl plank, has made great strides over the past 10...

Published by Buddy at October 27, 2016

The Details of Engineered Flooring

Engineered flooring is a great option for your home. In this series we take a look at how it's made, the features and quick tips on how to care for this ...

Published by Buddy at September 14, 2016

Lunch With an Expert: Sell Your Home for Top Dollar

The BOSS is proud to present our new monthly series called Lunch with an Expert. We sit down with industry experts to bring you the latest in product...

Published by Buddy at September 1, 2016

Hardwood Flooring vs Engineered Flooring

Hardwood or Engineered Flooring?

Learn the difference between hardwood flooring and engineered flooring and which product will be best for your needs.

Published by Buddy at August 25, 2016

Wood Flooring Grades Explained

Wood You Like To Know?

Wood flooring comes in different grades and unfinished hardwood and engineered are graded differently. Learn how it's graded, the...

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