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Published by Buddy at January 3, 2018

Unsuitable/Questionable Substrates for Installing Tile

Many installers seem to feel free to do anything, install anything, on any surface without considering the potential failures. Today’s newer technology and...

Published by Buddy at September 27, 2017

Laminate Flooring Cleaning and Care Tips

Laminate flooring can provide years of service if it is cared for properly

Published by Buddy at September 5, 2017

Give Your Kitchen A New Look With Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

The kitchen is one of the most active parts of any house. When the kitchen is designed, the focus is more towards the functionality of the area. However,...

Published by Buddy at August 25, 2017

The Ultimate Guide to Cleaning & Caring For Kitchen Cabinets

There's one major component of our kitchens that may not be getting the attention it needs to stay clean even though we use and see them every day.

Published by Buddy at August 23, 2017

10 Simple Weekend Home Improvement Projects

There are hundreds of home improvements you can make to update your home over a weekend, from upgrading home security to giving your bathroom a makeover.


Published by Buddy at August 5, 2017

Weekend Project: Tile Your Porch

How to tile a screened-in porch.

Published by Buddy at August 4, 2017

Lighting Tips That Transform Rooms

Quick lighting tips for every room in the house.

How you light a room can have a large effect on your mood, productivity, and quality of life in that...

Published by Buddy at July 12, 2017

Which Fence is Right for Your Home?

There really is no one best fence. The trick is to figure out which is best for your home. Consider these five factors when choosing fencing material.


Published by Buddy at July 10, 2017

What to Know Before Installing a New Fence

A fence can add value to your home and provide a private and safe sanctuary for your family. Here's what to consider when installing a fence on your...

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